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Trick Dog Course 4 – Expert

The Expert Trick Dog course is a 10 week progressive course that builds on the fundamentals of Trick Dog training with focus on proofing foundation skills into chained behaviours using positive training methods and lots of fun, toys and treats.


Congratulations on graduating from the Advanced Trick Dog course!

The Expert Trick Dog course is a 10 week progressive course that focuses on high level Trick Dog training with focus on chained behaviours and new high level tricks using positive training methods and lots of fun, toys and treats. Trick Training builds a positive bond between handler and dog, develops patience, builds confidence, assists with distraction training, and lets out your dog’s excess energy in a controlled, safe training environment.

All equipment is provided, and any agility equipment is gradually introduced at lower heights. The Trick Dog Expert course offers up to 30 new tricks over 10 weeks, based on skills acquired in the previous courses. Expert Tricks focuses a lot more on physical skills, therefore there will be a strong focus on strengthening and conditioning to maintain a strong fit injury-free dog. Tricks should be practiced slowly and with care until proofed.

Upon completion, handlers and their dogs will receive a certificate and rosette, allowing progress to the Champion Trick Dog level.

This course is open to dogs that have completed their Advanced Trick Dog Title.

While excitement is normal, barking must be minimal. Aggressive/reactive behaviour will not be tolerated. The class is limited to 4 dogs, so it is essential that you return the signed form below with a 50% deposit to secure a place. Complete payment is required on the first day of the course, if not done so prior.

The cost of the 10 week course is $360, including all training and assessment materials. Fees are non-refundable after the first class. 

No classes can be made up if missed.

Bitches going into heat cannot attend. Please plan accordingly.

Vaccinations: please provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations

Further preparation: non correcting collar (buckle or quick snap), gentle leader or easy walk harness and a long leash. We do not allow prong collars or choke chains. Bring plenty of soft tasty treats in tiny pieces as well as a fun toy for rewarding and play breaks.

Please dress accordingly, with correct active wear and closed-in training shoes. The Training area is fully rubberised and enclosed, with great air flow. It is not air-conditioned.

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