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Fit for Life- Canine Fitness & Conditioning Sunshine Coast

Our canine fitness, agility, and trick dog programs are designed and monitored by a canine sports specialist and are suitable for all dogs.

Fit for Life Foundational Fitness & Conditioning for Canines

‘Fit for Life’ is designed and monitored by our canine sports specialist, Sonia Petrack. These programs are designed for dog owners who want to increase their dog’s physical condition while improving performance, reducing risk of injuries, improving overall health, and hopefully extending lifespan. Our Fitness, Agility and Trick Training builds a positive bond between handler and dog, develops patience, builds confidence, assists with distraction training, and lets out your dog’s excess energy in a controlled, safe training environment.

Our Fitness, Agility and Trick Training conditions dogs in 5 areas:

Designed for all dogs, Fit for Life includes additional programs for:

  • Elite athletes for dogs that Agility, Rally, Obedience, Flyball and Tracking
  • Puppy fitness and conditioning from 8 weeks to 15 months
  • Senior/geriatric dogs
  • Trick dogs – foundation through to trick dog champion courses
  • Agility – foundation skills and proofing for competition
  • Fitness and Conditioning classes and courses

Fit for Life includes regular assessments, individual programs tailored to each dog’s strengths and  weaknesses, and step-by-step exercise guidance by our highly qualified trainer.

Our Canine Rehabilitation Services on the Sunshine Coast

Dog Hydrotherapy

Active Paws use the latest technology in canine hydrotherapy treadmills and rehabilitation pools to accelerate your dog's rehabilitation.

Canine Physiotherapy

Our highly trained and fully qualified team members provide individualised rehabilitation programs for your dog using the latest technology.

Pool Fitness & Rehab for Dogs

Using our canine swimming pool, our hydrotherapists and physiotherapists deliver the best return to function program for your dog.

'Fit for Life' Training Centre

Get your dog in shape safely and effectively through our canine fitness program designed and monitored by a canine sports specialist.

Rehabilitation Services for Vets

We are a fully independent, highly trained, specialist hydrotherapy rehabilitation service. We are seeking to work with Vet practices.

What You'll Learn When You Register for Fit for Life

This progressive course covers all the fundamentals of Fitness & Conditioning Dog training with positive training methods and lots of fun, toys, and treats. All equipment is provided, and any fitness and agility equipment is gradually introduced at lower heights.

Fitness & Conditioning is open to dogs that have had some formal obedience training, with sit, drop, stay and off-leash control being essential to the training and development of foundation skills.

While excitement is normal, barking must be minimal. Aggressive/reactive behaviour will not be tolerated.
Fit for Life classes are limited to 3 dogs, so it is essential that you secure a spot by booking today. Payment can be made in class.

Bitches going into heat are not allowed to attend class, please plan accordingly.

• Vaccinations: please provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations.
• Further preparation: non correcting collar (buckle or quick snap), gentle leader or easy walk harness and a long leash. We do not allow prong collars or choke chains. Bring plenty of soft tasty treats in tiny pieces as well as a small toy for rewarding.
• Please dress accordingly, the training facility is fully rubberised and enclosed. Whilst there is no air conditioning, the facility has great airflow.
• Ensure you have told your Instructor of any health issues or pre-existing conditions for yourself and your dog.

Our Happy Dogs

Our team at Active Paws Rehab & Fitness on the Sunshine Coast are passionate about helping animals recover and live their best life!
See what our customers and their dogs are saying about our fully qualified and trained therapists and why locals are quick to recommend us.

"We took our severely affected double hip dysplasia Golden Retriever ‘Harry’ on the recommendation of my vet. Sonia was gentle and highly professional in Harry’s treatment. Through dog hydrotherapy, Harry’s quality of life increased and the extended time we had with him was extraordinary. We acquired an ex-military working dog, Sonia worked so hard to ‘unwrap’ the training Bailey had. Sonia’s knowledge and training is unquestionable and a credit. She adjusts each agility and fitness session to every dog’s ability to get the maximum benefit. Thank you, Sonia, for everything you do to enhance our dogs lives."
Barbara & Dennis
Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast
"We first started taking our Golden Retriever to Sonia nearly three years ago. He was diagnosed with Bilateral Hip Dysplasia . Sonia’s care has helped him immeasurably. More recently our girl Retriever became arthritic, after a year with Sonia she’s bouncing around like a puppy! Sonia always impresses as being kind, caring, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. Nothing is too much trouble for our dogs, they both love her. From our aspect she is very easy to deal with. We would highly recommend Sonia and her team from Active Paws Rehabilitation and Fitness to anyone who cares about their dogs."
Active Paws promote healthy dog through fitness and conditioning training
Rod & Sian
Noosa, Sunshine Coast
“My dogs have been regularly attending dog fitness training with Sonia. One dog has extreme anxiety and she still attends each fortnight, slowly working on being comfortable in a new environment and spending the sessions walking around and becoming familiar with the equipment. We recently had a break through with her and she engaged in brain stimulating activities. They absolutely love their training and I can't recommend it enough. Sonia runs individual sessions just for my 3 dogs. Her price for a session with all 3 dogs is very reasonable so it makes it affordable for me to take them regularly, ensuring the fitness training benefits them as much as possible.”
canine hydrotherapy sunshine coast
Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast

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