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Hydrotherapy for Dogs Sunshine Coast

Our highly trained and fully qualified practitioners will develop individualised rehabilitation and fitness programs that restore and maintain optimal movement and function

Individualised Rehabilitation Programs

We do this through delivering a targeted treatment plan utilising hydrotherapy in conjunction with physiotherapy to provide accelerated rehabilitation. Hydrotherapy has been proven to be an effective tool in veterinary rehabilitation as it allows the patient to exercise in a reduced weight-bearing environment which relieves pressure on joints, reducing pain and encouraging a better range of movement. Underwater treadmill sessions utilise the natural buoyancy, resistance, pressure and warmth of water to promote strength, endurance, and increased range of motion.

Benefits to the Patient

Our Happy Dogs

Our team at Active Paws Rehab & Fitness on the Sunshine Coast are passionate about helping animals recover and live their best life!
See what our customers and their dogs are saying about our fully qualified and trained therapists and why locals are quick to recommend us.

"We took our severely affected double hip dysplasia Golden Retriever ‘Harry’ on the recommendation of my vet. Sonia was gentle and highly professional in Harry’s treatment. Through dog hydrotherapy, Harry’s quality of life increased and the extended time we had with him was extraordinary. We acquired an ex-military working dog, Sonia worked so hard to ‘unwrap’ the training Bailey had. Sonia’s knowledge and training is unquestionable and a credit. She adjusts each agility and fitness session to every dog’s ability to get the maximum benefit. Thank you, Sonia, for everything you do to enhance our dogs lives."
Barbara & Dennis
Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast
"We first started taking our Golden Retriever to Sonia nearly three years ago. He was diagnosed with Bilateral Hip Dysplasia . Sonia’s care has helped him immeasurably. More recently our girl Retriever became arthritic, after a year with Sonia she’s bouncing around like a puppy! Sonia always impresses as being kind, caring, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. Nothing is too much trouble for our dogs, they both love her. From our aspect she is very easy to deal with. We would highly recommend Sonia and her team from Active Paws Rehabilitation and Fitness to anyone who cares about their dogs."
Active Paws promote healthy dog through fitness and conditioning training
Rod & Sian
Noosa, Sunshine Coast
“My dogs have been regularly attending dog fitness training with Sonia. One dog has extreme anxiety and she still attends each fortnight, slowly working on being comfortable in a new environment and spending the sessions walking around and becoming familiar with the equipment. We recently had a break through with her and she engaged in brain stimulating activities. They absolutely love their training and I can't recommend it enough. Sonia runs individual sessions just for my 3 dogs. Her price for a session with all 3 dogs is very reasonable so it makes it affordable for me to take them regularly, ensuring the fitness training benefits them as much as possible.”
canine hydrotherapy sunshine coast
Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast

Common Conditions Treated with Hydrotherapy

Rehabilitation utilising hydrotherapy and physiotherapy is commonly used post-operatively in a surgical situation or alternatively as part of a conservative management plan.  Some of the common conditions treated include:

Our Dog Hydrotherapy Treadmill

Using the latest state of the art canine hydrotherapy treadmill, our highly trained and fully qualified hydrotherapists will deliver an individualised plan that will deliver the best return to function in the best timeframe for your pet.  Our therapists are internationally qualified specialising in advanced hydrotherapy treadmill treatment for small animals.

How to Start Rehabilitation with your Dog

Get in touch by calling or completing our online contact form to make an appointment for your dog.

We can organise on your behalf any information that we require from your vet, such as referrals, patient notes & scans to develop an effective and individualised treatment plan for your best friend.

Hydrotherapy For Your Dog Using The Latest Technology

Active Paws Rehabilitation and Fitness are centrally located in Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast. Our fully trained and highly qualified experts are passionate about delivering the most effective injury management, post-surgical rehabilitation treatments and fitness and conditioning training for your dog.

Our Dog Hydrotherapy Treadmill

Thermal Properties

The encompassing warmth of the water relaxes muscles and increases the skin temperature which can bring about a decrease in pain and muscle spasm. A decreased range of motion can often be due to pain, swelling or stiffness.  Stiffness can be eased as the warmth of the water causes blood vessels to expand.  This thermal effect can warm superficial joints during exercise and maintain circulation, important for soft tissue injuries and arthritic joints.



This is the upwards thrust of water against the body reducing the effect of gravity. The water height can be increased in the treadmill to provide varying buoyancy and weight bearing.  Buoyancy decreases the loading onto weight bearing joints, removes the impact associated with walking on dry land and aids assistance with balance.  Provides pain relief and the buoyancy of the water will help move the stiff joint with further range of movement with minimal exercise.


Hydrostatic Pressure

This is the pressure exerted on the surface of the body by water at a given depth.  As the water height in the hydrotherapy treadmill is variable, it can be increased which in turn increases the hydrostatic pressure.  Benefits animals with reduced balance (e.g neurological conditions as it helps stabilise the body).  Swelling can be reduced and pain perception is reduced allowing them to perform movements in water that they find difficult on land.



Water molecules adhere together.  The greatest cohesive force is at the surface of the water and increased resistance is required to break the cohesion.  Adjusting the water levels in the treadmill allows us to increase workload on a specific muscle group or joint, whilst also protecting a specific area if required, for example post surgically.


Viscosity is essentially the thickness of the water which offers more support and resistance.  Viscosity can assist in stabilising an unstable joint. Buoyancy and viscosity prevent the dog falling by increasing the time span for the dog to react, this can make the dog more confident and willing to move in the water.


Water Height

The water height can be varied in the underwater treadmill to determine the flexion and extension angle of a specific joint.   Generally flexion is greatest with water at or above the joint of interest and extension is greatest with water below the joint of interest; it is not possible to fluctuate this whilst swimming and a valuable benefit can be lost.


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